Congratulations to Umi No Shizuku!

Congratulations to the UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan! Capsule and Drink products has won the Gold Award again this year (2020) !!
About Monde Selection 
Monde Selection, the International Quality Institute was founded in Brussels, in the heart of Europe. Monde Selection distinguishes itself by being one of the only Quality Institute that offers a global evaluation of consumer products.
Every year, hundreds of evaluation sessions are organized during which the juries take the time to taste and analyse each product individually without comparing one to another. Monde Selection is not like other contests or competitions. Each product is not compared with other products in its category. Their experts assess the intrinsic quality of each product as a whole, according to very precise and very varied criteria. The juries. Monde Selection brings together more than 80 internationally renowned experts, who judge according to their specialization a precise product category. To guarantee a fair judgment of products from all over the world, our experts always keep in mind the origin and target market of the product. Monde Selection has elaborated rigorous methodologies that go far beyond regular tastings or assessments. All of them must have first class professional experience and give their judgements completely independently. Through the judgment of our international and renown experts we highlight the quality of consumer products with unique quality labels.
Their long expertise covers the certification of food, spirits, beverages, diet and health and cosmetic products. For all these categories, Monde Selection offers a global approach on quality aspects that matter most to consumers.
Monde Selection has the support of prestigious associations such as the Culinary Academy of France, Euro-toques, the Master Chefs of Belgium, the International Vine and Wine Organization (O.I.V), the Jurés-Experts Piqueurs Brokers and many other associations…
Each product is also evaluated against international standards such as ISO norms, legal prescriptions and industries’ guidelines.
The methods are inspired by the European Directives and Regulations. The judges are permanently informed of the evolution of scientific researches and legislations. To carry out the evaluation, they refer to official regulations on ingredients, labelling and instructions for use.
The scientific committees of Monde Selection closely monitor the evolution of the industry and constantly adapt the criteria according to the evolution of research on the one hand and the expectations of consumers on the other.
Therefore, this award proves that the ingredients and effects of UMI NO SHIZUKU Fucoidan have also been recognized by them. In addition, allowing you to take it more assured, it also proves that our efforts over the years have not been in vain. We will follow through and improve your quality of life, and protect the health of you and your family!
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