About US

About US

Kamerycah, Inc. is dedicated to improving quality of life among the people they serve by providing Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan: the highest quality fucoidan-based dietary supplements on the market. As a third-generation family business, Kamerycah, Inc. has over 18 years’ experience in the dietary supplement industry with a specific focus on creating products that improve the wellbeing of those suffering from difficulties by devoting considerable resources to research and development to better understand how fucoidan can help people around the world.

Our mission

Helping our customers feel good inside and out while inspiring hope and optimism.

Our values

Always Be Grateful
No one person can ever fully achieve anything by himself or herself, so we must be sure to remain humble, to never be arrogant, and to always have within our hearts an appreciation for those around us and the contribution they make to what we achieve. This mindset should cover everyone from teammates to other teams and the customers who rely on us. Extending a hand of help to those who need it, this is the way that Kamerycah works.

Uphold Transparency and Integrity
Uphold Transparency and Integrity We understand that choices about personal health and wellbeing are some of the most important decisions a person will make for themselves and their family. Providing honest products begins with upholding the value of honesty throughout all aspects of business. From Kamerycah, Inc.’s employees to our customers, we pledge to always be honest and transparent as we work together to create the best natural products to improve all aspects of a person’s life.

Respect and Celebrate Diversity
As an international company with employees and customers around the globe, we know the importance of diversity. We celebrate the things that make us different and understand that each of our customers are different as well. At Kamerycah, Inc., our strength lies in our diverse workforce that helps us to better understand diverse needs from within, helping us make better products that respect the unique needs of our global customers.

Message from the President

My grandfather started Kanefuku, our parent company, over 40 years ago and quickly grew to become the leading marine products manufacturer in Japan. During his time as a business owner he became terminally ill and eventually succumbed to his disease, which has since driven two generations of my family to search for the answer to better health for people. When my father took over my grandfather’s business it was his mission to find natural products from the sea that would support lifelong wellbeing and offer hope to others battling diseases. My father saw the potential within fucoidan to help people, and it was through his hard work and dedication to research that Kamerycah, Inc., was born.

Kamerycah, Inc. established its U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles in 2003 with the mission of expanding research and development into the health benefits of fucoidan. For the past 18 years we have dedicated ourselves, in conjunction with national universities and the NPO Research Institute of Fucoidan, to finding the best natural treatments for whoever in need. Our fucoidan supplement Umi No Shizuku has become a familiar brand in 45 countries because people trust our company’s expertise and commitment to providing only high-quality fucoidan products.

We began as a family company with the simple goal of delivering trusted products that make our customers feel good. Although our company has grown, this remains the core mission of everything we do at Kamerycah, Inc.

Kamerycah, Inc.

Hideaki Takeuchi, CEO

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Kamerycah (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
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